Keeping on top of all of the household chores in our homes can be challenging. Busy family lives can mean that many of us don’t have the time we would like to spend on our homes. When you can’t tidy up the house to your satisfaction, here are 10 simple ways to organise your family’s home with minimal effort.

  1. Designate a home for everything.
  2. Keep items you use most often close to the door, for easy access and convenience.
  3. Move seldom-used items away from the living areas and bedrooms.
  4. Declutter regularly and sort through clothes every three months and donate anything that is no longer needed or appropriate.
  5. Keep all of your kids’ belongings in one place, whether that’s a bedroom, playroom or an area in the living room.
  6. Make sure everyone has responsibility for looking after their own personal belongings.
  7. Establish a designated area for laundry: Put dirty laundry in a hamper; put clean laundry away right after it has been washed; wash clothes on different cycles or different days so that they can be put away right after they are done being washed.
  8. Have a designated home zone as a place of calm and relaxation. Declutter your personal space in this area. It is always important to take time for yourself, this spot is where you go when you need a break.
  9. Get into good habits and routines. Tidy and clean up straight away after a task is completed to avoid it building up and becoming unmanageable.
  10. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your family that meet your individual needs.

Try to avoid the comparison game with the family lives of others, especially on social media. Be compassionate to yourself when you can’t have your house exactly as you want it. Remember some things are beyond our control. When things become unmanageable or overwhelming, prioritise what’s important.