Raising toddlers can be a memorable as well as turbulent time. After all, toddlers are notoriously prone to temper tantrums, especially when you’re out shopping or running errands. According to a KidsHealth writeup on toddler tantrums, they are far too young to control unfamiliar emotions such as anger and frustration and still don’t know the words to express what they want or how they feel just yet. However, bringing your toddler on your shopping trips — as long as you know what to pack — can be a breezy activity.

Here, we’ll look at the three essentials you should bring along on your shopping trip with your toddler:

1. Invest in a pushchair

Being out can often excite children, but it can also tire them out quickly. Unfortunately, toddlers tend to get cranky and become difficult when exhausted. When this happens, you might find yourself stopping so they can rest and calm down. Alternatively, you could end up carrying them for the rest of the shopping trip.

Many parents hesitate to bring their prams because these seem too unwieldy or bulky to take, especially when you have your hands full of shopping bags. The double pushchairs on iCandy illustrate how modern pram designs have evolved for easier maneuverability through doorways and on public transport, so you don’t need to worry about holding your children. The double-decker design means you won’t have trouble managing multiple toddlers while still being able to enjoy your shopping trip.

It would also be helpful to bring something to keep your toddler occupied while in the pushchair, lest they get bored after a while.

2. Pack snacks and meals

Aside from growing tired, toddlers are also prone to getting hungry when spending time away from home. Just as they would when they are tired, toddlers are also significantly crankier when they feel their tummies are empty.

We’ve mentioned this in a previous Parenting Insider post on travelling with toddlers, but packing extra food can be as useful on shopping trips as it is for long journeys. It would be wise to remember to pack meals and snacks for your day out with your toddler. This would save you from having to stop by a restaurant or cafe to appease your toddler’s tummy while out on your shopping trip.

Bringing your toddler’s favourite snack or candy in leakproof and compact lunchboxes like the Yumbox can also be used to reward good behaviour while shopping, keeping them distracted and not crying over the snacks they see in the aisles.

3. Bring a small toy

Last but not least bringing a toy can help keep them calm so that they don’t fall into tantrums or get bored. It would also be great to reduce screen time when doing this if possible. Many fidget toys available today can help keep toddlers preoccupied during your shopping trip. Toys such as the fidget spinners and Pop-Its are simple, portable toys that offer children something fun to do. They provide satisfaction and stimulation and can develop your child’s fine motor skills and concentration without the need for technology. Other than fidget toys, the next best thing would be to bring your toddler’s current favourite toy.