Our kitchens are where we entertain guests, feed ourselves, and create memories, so it makes sense that we’d want those to be impactful moments.  When we’re updating our kitchens, many of us think about how these homes can and will be perceived by others. 

Will they be entertained by the details we put in? Will they be impressed by the cool gadgets and items we include?  

It’s a good idea to make a kitchen that’s usable and awesome for you, but if you want to wow house guests, you’re not alone!  Here are the top ways to make a flashy kitchen!

Secret Pocket Cabinet Drawers

Pocket drawers look like basic cabinets, but they slide out to reveal the depth and visibility of everything within a cabinet.  These can be extremely useful in a kitchen with narrow, deep, cabinets because it allows you to lay a hand on everything you have.  These are a detail many kitchens don’t have, so it’s fun to see it when they do!  Although these can be pricey, they’re worth it for the wow factor.  

Lighting Inside of Cabinets

The insides of most cabinets are dark, except for the light we let through when we open them.  Interior lighting on a cabinet, activated when it’s opened, can be fun!  Guests will love that they can come down for a glass of water without turning all of the lights on, and you can even make these in different colours to show off your personality!

Fridges that Look like Part of the Cabinetry

A seamless kitchen is a thing of beauty.  Unfortunately, many fridges stand out against your cabinets like a sore thumb.  Instead of allowing this to ruin a room, consider getting a facade for your fridge that allows for it to become part of the cabinetry.  Although fridges were built into the cabinetry in the past, when people try to update their fridges, it can cause a major issue down the road.

Second Ovens

A secondary oven is awesome, especially for holidays when there are many mouths to feed and a lot of different pieces of the meal to make. So instead of looking at St. Albert homes for sale to buy a whole second kitchen, consider building a double oven into an island or other part of your kitchen.  Guests will be amazed at this and will be sure to tell you how much they wish they had a room like this for themself.  

Walk-In Pantries

Although walk-in closets were all the rage a couple of years ago, a walk-in pantry is all anyone’s talking about now.  Walk-in pantries are rooms that allow you to store as much food and kitchenware as you need without having to fill the cabinet space that needs to be accessible while you cook.  Also called a butler’s pantry, these spaces can be incredible with small sinks within them, as well as extra storage and even an extra fridge or freezer if you want.  This small room can pack a big punch!